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21st Annual CTS Transportation Research Conference

Staff writer | 23 Abril del 2010

The 21st Annual CTS Transportation Research Conference will take place from 27 to 28 April at St. Paul River Centre, Minnesota, USA.

According to the information provided by the Centre for Transportation Studies of the University of Minnesota, the conference acts as a forum for researchers and practitioners from Minnesota and the Upper Midwest to share their research findings in a variety of transportation-related areas.

The programme of the conference includes parallel sessions focused in four categories that match the Centre’s research emphasis areas: transportation safety and traffic flow, transportation infrastructure, transportation and the economy, and transportation planning and the environment.

Transportation infrastructure investments are guided by state and local government decisions. However, transportation priorities set at the national level can influence changes in direction at the state and local level, particularly if there are substantial resources attached to them. Decision-makers may choose to make investment trade-offs at the expense of other infrastructure needs in order to position themselves for additional federal funding.

The keynote presentation will be offered by Eric Peterson, president of the American High Speed Rail Alliance, who will talk on "Building Momentum for Sustainable American High Speed Rail” focusing on the six keys to successfully designing, building, and operating high speed rail, a priority initiative for President Obama's Administration.

Source: University of Minnesota, Centre for Transportation Studies


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