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Algeria joins EnACT programme

Staff writer | 23 Abril del 2010

Algeria has officially adhered to the Canadian-financed programme for the Enhancement of Arab Trade Capacity (EnACT). Designed by the International Trade Centre (ITC), the programme aims at boosting trade between participating Arab countries as well as with third countries and regions.


The EnACT is a 4-year programme that commits Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia to the promotion of trade and the fostering of development by reinforcing areas such as trade policy-making, trade promotion and export competitiveness. The focal points of the programme are: i) improving the formulation of trade intelligence, trade policy, and export strategy; ii) strengthening local trade-support institutions´ capacities to promote export competitiveness; iii) developing markets and supporting SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises); and iv) creating business opportunities and networks for women and young people to improve social integration and advance gender equality in the region.


Trade Minister El Hachemi Djaaboub highlighted the opportunity that this initiative represents for non-oil producers in his country, helping to further diversify the range of export and increase export volumes. He said the programme would also strengthen the activities of trade-support and export-oriented agencies such as the Algerian Agency for the Promotion of Exports (L’Agence Algérienne de Promotion des Exportations, ALGEX).


Like all the participating countries in the EnACT, Algeria has a young population, abundance of natural resources, strong agricultural and industrial potential, and a growing internal market. Together with the country’s privileged geographic location (with easy access to European, African, Middle-Eastern, and Gulf markets), these factors will ensure a positive impact of the programme on internal and regional growth and development, and wealth distribution.


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