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Dispute Settlement Body meeting results

Staff writer | 30 Abril del 2010

At its recent meeting in Geneva the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) approved only 1 of the 4 requested expert panels: the second-time complaint presented by the USA over an alleged WTO-inconsistent tax imposed by the Philippines on distilled spirits will be referred to a pre-existing panel established in January 2010 to deal with a similar case presented by the EU. Third-party rights were reserved by 5 other countries: Australia, China, Chinese Taipei, Mexico, and Thailand.

The remaining 3 requests (EU measures on Chinese footwear, US measures on Vietnamese shrimps and US measures on Korean products) were all blocked by the countries being accused. 

Other items on the agenda at the DSB meeting were: i) the first status report by Colombia documenting its implementation of DSB recommendations in the controversy over discriminatory measures imposed on imports from Panama; ii) the announcement by the EU that it had adjusted sanctions against the USA to US$ 95.38 million on the question of anti-dumping and countervailing duties; iii) a joint statement by Australia, Brazil and Thailand on their concern about the EU´s decision to export sugar above its annual quota; and iv) statements were presented by China and the USA on the dispute regarding the protection of intellectual property rights in China and enforcement of the pertinent regime.


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