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New IP Roadmap released - a helpful tool to get back on track

Staff writer | 21 Abril del 2010

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) recently published a new edition of its book “Current and emerging intellectual property issues for business. A roadmap for business and policy makers”, otherwise known as IP (Intellectual Property) Roadmap. This 10th edition of the IP Roadmap gathers together updated information on all relevant IP topics, including patents, trademarks, copyright issues, and current debates on controversial topics (like the protection of databases and genetic resources). According to the Chair of the ICC´s Task Force in charge of preparing the IP Roadmap, Ron Myrick, preparation of this latest edition was facilitated by enhanced cooperation between the ICC and patent offices around the world, and a new more holistic approach to technology transfer issues.

Addressing general problems affecting a variety of IP issues, the 10th edition of the IP roadmap includes coverage of: enforcement; difficulties in international litigation; IP-related problems on the internet; solution (arbitration and mediation) of IP disputes; counterfeiting and piracy; and the exhaustion of IP rights. Particular emphasis is placed on the relation between IP and other aspects indirectly related to IP conflicts, such as: economic development; the environment; technology development and transfers; competition policies; the use of open source software; and data privacy. As written in the book´s preface by the Chairman of the ICC Commission on Intellectual , Mr. David Koris, and ICC Secretary General Jean Rozwadowski, “The spread of digital technologies and Internet connectivity has dramatically changed the way in which businesses develop, exploit, and protect their intellectual property […]”. This book compiles all the efforts being made by the ICC to fully understand, analyze, and transmit the difficulties and opportunities regarding IP management created by the spread of internet.

The constant updating and cutting-edge methodology and perspectives of the IP Roadmap have turned it into a huge success amongst business, policy, and legal professionals worldwide during the last ten years.


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