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The Liberalisation of Trade in Services in MERCOSUR

editor | 10 Octubre del 2009

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Product Description

This book contrasts the rhetoric of economic integration propagated from the highest political circles with the reality on the ground, taking trade in services in the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) as a case study. In 1991 Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay signed in Asuncion, an ambitious sub-regional integration agreement aimed at the establishment of a common market facilitating the free movement of goods, services and factors of production, the establishment of a common external tariff and the co-ordination of macroeconomic and sectoral policies. Yet, almost two decades after the entry into force of the Treaty of Asuncion, MERCOSUR remains an incomplete free trade area, with a partially implemented Common External Tariff and with a significant divergence in the macroeconomic policies of the State Parties.

About the Author
Gabriel Gari is a lecturer in Financial and Economic Law at Queen Mary University of London. His research interests include law of finance, foreign investment and regional integration in emerging economies with special focus on MERCOSUR countries. He has acted as a consultant to the European Commission on barriers to trade in services in Argentina and Brazil and to the European Parliament on the transposition of Life Assurance directives in the UK, submitting evidence to the committee on the inquiry of the ELAS affair. Gabriel has also carried out consultancy work on judicial reform projects in Central and South America for UNDP and UNICEF.

Product details

  • Hardcover: 380 pages
  • Publisher: Cameron May (July 15, 2009)
  • Language: English



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