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US NCTO succeeds in introducing a new bill to enforce current textile and apparel import controls at customs

staff writer | 03 Septiembre del 2010

Prompted by the efforts of the National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) to counter illegal textile and garment trade and product frauds, another bill has been introduced in the US Senate to enhance the Textile Enforcement and Security Act (TESA) approved this year containing customs enforcement measures related to the control of this industry’s imports. Since it was first introduced in May the new bill has obtained 25 co-sponsors.

Officials from the NCTO consider approval of the bill to be extremely important in order to show foreign shippers of fraudulent textile goods that illegal trade will no longer be tolerated, particularly if these imports threaten US textile businesses and workers. Many textile and apparel mills have already been shut down because of their inability to compete with products traded illegally.

Once approved, the new legislation will guarantee fairer and more balanced trade rules, providing better conditions for US workers to compete in the global textile market.

Of the annual US$ 25 billion collected by customs duties, textile and apparel imports account for 42% at almost US$ 11 billion.


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